Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EU Wide ID Card Scheme Ready To Roll

The EU wide ID card scheme provisioned for in the Lisbon Treaty is coming soon.  Pilot schemes are ready to be launched in 2010.

One of the project leaders, Miguel Alvarez Rodriguez has been quoted:

“The main objective now is to test the model in real time with real people. Usability is critical to the success of the framework, so during the pilots we are expecting to refine and improve elements where necessary. Although it was a key factor in the conceptual design, scalability is also a challenge to be addressed in any future extensions of the project.”

So, seeing as the Conservatives opposed the UK scheme before Alan Johnson scrapped it about 20 minutes ago I wonder what both parties reactions will be.  The article does not specify where the 5 trials will be, but seeing as the UK spent a prince's ransom already what is the betting that the UK in whole or in part will be included in the test?

Just when thing feel like they could not possibly get worse; it just does.

Hat tip: Ian Parker-Joseph

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scunnert said...

Christ sake Daniel - there's no escaping these jerks.