Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Placed Economy In The G7...

...Best placed of those needing an IMF bailout loan help that is.

So, was he lying? Was he so incompetent not to know? or, is he simply deluded?

A good summary, plus more blogable graphs from Mark Bathgate over on Coffee House, who is filling in now Fraser has moved up to the Ivory Tower. 

200 years ago, Gordon Brown would have been dragged from Parliament and shot for gross incompetence and betrayal of the nation.

100 years ago, Gordon Brown would have been unceremoniously relieved from his position and lampooned forever as the profligate buffoon he really is.

Today, he is able to command a state funded broadcaster to dictate the mantra that he has saved the world, whilst selling out the poorest to a legacy of state dependency and crippling taxation; meanwhile, yet again, continental Europe, with Browns complicity has its sights on destroying the free enterprise initiative of the City of London, the very heartbeat and soul of our strength and identity as a world trading nation. 

And yet, somehow, in a way that future historians will understand less than us, he somehow still gets double figures in opinion polls.


Tarquin said...

I dunno about being shot for gross incompetence, the old lords who used to run us back then were hardly competent in finance, except perhaps Pitt

and even Disraeli led us through a deep recession

if the incompetence referred to is deliberate, clumsy, brazen lying then perhaps - he's just so bad at it!

subrosa said...

Aye Dan, the Saviour of the World's doing a great job. (Did a bit on this too earlier yesterday).