Tuesday, November 10, 2009

EU/Europe Distinction Petition

I just spied this over on bloggers4UKIP
The European Union (EU) is not Europe. Europe is a continent containing many countries, most of which are in the EU. The EU does not cover the whole continent, it does not represent the whole of the continent and the British Government's Europe Minister doesn't form policy on the whole continent of Europe.

The Prime Minister, the British government and the EU itself should stop claiming the whole continent for the EU. The EU should not be referred to as "Europe" and the Europe Minister should be called the EU Minister. Similarly, the European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights should be known as the EU Court of Justice and the EU Court of Human Rights.

The Prime Minister should issue guidance on the use of the word "Europe", rename the Europe Minister to the EU Minister and petition the EU to name their institutions appropriately.
I think this is a worthy one.  In my writings I do try to make the distinction between the EU and Europe, though I have probably not been 100% consistent, I do think it is an important distinction in the scheme of the EU debate.  The use of the term "Europe" where the term "EU" should be used is a common one in the distortion of certain opinions, but both sides of the arguement would be well served by observing this convention.

Sign the petition here.

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