Sunday, November 29, 2009

Google Ethics?

They talk about it all the time on the TV, Google's motto official or otherwise is "Don't be evil".

So, by extension, despite hundreds of thousands, if not millions of sites referring to and writing about Climategate, why is it not a valid "query selection" that they will automatically offer in their search box? Does Google consider the ready availability of information questioning the CO2 link to Climate Change as "evil"? This is not new to today; this has been the case all week as I have tried a number of times using google to see what is coming out new on this story around the world. I thought earlier in the week that it was suspicious, but put it down to being a new topic and my readiness to see a conspiracy; I am no longer alone in this query.

I am not sure what it is about this story that has Google worked up, but are they trying to help hide an important scientific argument, or is it that they feel they now control the direction of free speech on the internet? Either way, it’s not very impartial and not at all fitting with their self written lofty ethics. Shame on you.

Google UK:

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It's not just Europe, see Google Canada:

God bless America for protecting free speech:

Dr North - Googlegate?
James Delingpole - Googlegate?
Christopher Booker - Climategate: Is this the worst scientific scandal of our generation?


Corrugated Soundbite said...

Just had a little look at Google's localised searches for Australia and New Zealand. Nothing doing. And it's big stuff in NZ at least.

It totally stinks.

Barking Spider said...

Fucking typical of the Labour team of internet snoopers, Daniel - if the government don't like it - they stifle it!

banned said...

Slightly o/t
Jeremy Vine was on BBC Radio 2 last week discussing whether or not Google had a responsibility to 'suppress' images of Michelle Obama as a monkey with various prelates and lefty journos ( they agreed almost unanimously " yes ").
They then went on to discuss whether other subjects should be similarly censored by Google, such as...
Kiddie porn
Racist piss-takes
Beheadings of British people
Violent strangulation porn
Religious hate cartoons
Climate skeptics

Uho, excuse me Jeremy, is that really the sort of company we keep?

banned said...

Yahoo playing the same game, zilch search results past 'climateg' but they do show 7,800,000 search results for 'climategate' on the left sidebar of the 1st results page.

Tarquin said...

Is this actually anything to do with google? They've got a pretty good record in this sort of thing - as Richard North said it's probably a third party manipulating the way the search engine works

Daniel1979 said...

I think that the auto-selection function is entirely operated and controlled by Google, and over on JD's blog some of the commenter’s are saying that they do filter out nastier search terms to do with the more unpleasant aspects of the web. The consensus seems to be that this function is not the same as the actual search logarithm.

I do not think Google is hiding Climategate sites, as it is listing 13,330,000 returns if you make the search... though others are additionally suggesting the order in which these are returned may be subject to people influencing the logarithms in a way that is suppressing some of the more hard hitting material down the list somewhat.

Slightly off-topic, I am actually quite happy that if you type "President Rompuy" into Google, this blog is now the #1 return!

Ahrvid Engholm said...

Here's a quote for you:

"The fact is we can't account for the lack of Google functionality at the moment and it's a travesty that we can't."

--Ahrvid Engholm

inteGReddy said...

look i doubt google is hiding climategate. its unfounded bs neway. any oil executive out there can forge email correspondences and then leak them on the net. im sure google employees are educated and therefore see the burning of fossil fuels as a risk to our health... however, i doubt they are going to suppress the data. if you dont like google, ask jeeves about it.

All Seeing Eye said...

Hmm, tried that with the Gibraltar Google (which occasionally throws up local suggestions so there is some region specific logic even for somewhere as small as here) and even used the whole word - with no joy.

Killer said...

well spotted!!!