Saturday, April 10, 2010

Albion Alliance News

[This post has been copied at pasted from Ian PJ on Politics Blog.]

You could be forgiven for thinking we are dormant but nothing could be further from the truth. At this second we’re keeping an eye on the Chris Grayling sacking [or not].

There is much being done in getting the databases up to date, it’s soaking up time and we need your help here. For example, one candidate said today that he pledged but we have no record.

The Albion Alliance relies on accurate data – we have various organizations, MSM, parliament, esp. Brussels etc. coming in to observe, as well as parties themselves and it’s egg on our faces if the data is not up to the minute.

One area of our political arm we’re getting traction through is the tweeting and that has almost taken over our output. The Forum is virtually dormant now – too difficult to get into and we can’t run news so we have the AA Blog to do this. We’re also a bit slow on Facebook as well. We’ve had regional interviews and the MSM is monitoring us but so far we’re not saying much which is new.


I’ve just been approached now about whether we accept donations. Sadly, we don’t – we try to stay clean and unassailable, non-party political and focused on the two issues:

1. addressing the democratic deficit;

2. referendum in one year on the EU.

Too complex?

Some have said there are so many buttons to press to sign the pledges so our techie is looking at that this evening. We’ve made two changes already and will monitor how people are finding it.

I’m running this on my own site, rather than at our own because it’s getting crowded over there. If you are aligned with what we are about and can see your way clear, sign the pledge here if you are a candidate and here if you are a voter.

[James Higham]

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