Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The World According To Labour

This, at the time of posting is Breaking News.

The world according to Labour - If you even mention the word "Immigration" you are a bigot or a racist.

As per Sky News, from Gordon Brown this morning:

Gordon Brown has been caught out on microphone in an unguarded moment - calling a pensioner "bigoted".The Prime Minister was confronted by the 66-year-old woman while visiting Rochdale.

He spent nearly five minutes answering her questions and told her: "It's been very good to meet you."

However, a microphone picked up his words to an aide as he drove away in a car.

He said: "That was a disaster.

"You should never have put me with that woman.

"Whose idea was that?"

Mr Brown went on: "It's just ridiculous."

His aide then asked: "What did she say?"

Mr Brown replied: "Oh, everything, she's just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to vote Labour."

The Prime Minister had been chatting to the woman about her pension credit, crime, education, as well as immigration, before the gaffe.

Brown will claim that he has been going around 'listening to people', but he is the same old closed-minded, two-faced Labourman he always was.   If you want to talk about Labour failures, and about what you see are issues - they, Labour,  will smear you and they will ignore you.  How nasty and ignorant of the Prime Minister; but also so very revealling to his true character.

How did this idiot ever get to be Prime Minister?

Update:  here is the video -

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