Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The End Of Gordon Brown

Today was a very busy day at work, but it was impossible after having seen the news breaking at lunchtime not to keep the headphones in and Sky News quietly keeping me up to date with the goings on of a rather eventful day in politics.

This video needs to be watched again over and over.  It is a bit of a David Brent moment, where the flawed 'on camera' persona slips and the even more flawed 'off camera' persona shows through. 

Labour have been trying to spin this all afternoon and as the day goes on their rebuttal gets weaker and more tired.

There is a claim, (blatant spin really) that Gordon Brown was somehow involved in a "difficult conversation" but watch the video back and there is nothing troubling about it at all.  This is a bread and butter conversation in the street with a Labour supporter, who was identified by Gordon's own advisors in the crowd who had briefly vetted Mrs Duffy to ensure that she was somebody who would raise a concern, yet not really cause any real problems.  The Prime Minister's own reporting lobby have been critical that he is not engaging anyone without a red rosette on the campaign trail, to which Gordon's staff replied by ensuring the rosettes were left at home, so the journo's could not complain.  None-the-less, this women was vetted and deemed a useful pawn for the cameras.

That however was most definately not a difficult conversation. 

Dear God man, if that was difficult for you it is clear you would barely qualify for checkout work, let alone qualify as Prime Minister.

There is a spin that Gordon Brown like other people will say things that they don't really mean.  So, Labour spinners are actively saying that the Prime Minister is disingenuous as a defence to a worse perception.  It is truly so very disappointing that this is the man who already leads us, and that Labour supporters are paying their subs for an army of spin masters who must go on television to make excuses for Brown.  If the Prime Minister was lacking in frankness and sincerity in that interview, and his cheer-leaders are shouting this fact from the rooftops; then why should we ever believe a single word he ever has to say?

There is another spin, from Gordon himself this time, that he misheard Gillian Duffy.  Well, that really raises two more questions.

1.  What do you think you heard?
2.  If your reaction was that she was a bigot, why did you not challenge her on that assertion, and show yourself on live TV as someone who is prepared to stand up to bigots?

The answer of course is that he did not mishear or misunderstand at all.  Again, watch the video back and see how dismissive he is of a voter lifelong Labour voter for simply having concerns, and how he brands her ridiculous.  Why?  Because she says she is no longer sure that she will vote Labour.

It brings us screamingly back to the BIG question of the election.  It is not the economy and it is not the EU.  It is, is Gordon Brown mentally and psychologically capable of the job to which the Labour party have already anointed him?

Well, if shooting the breeze with a supporter is "difficult" for him and if his private thoughts consist of branding pensioners as bigots, I would say he needs a very, very, very long holiday. 

Brown talks a big game on morals and personal character yet he is frequently shown up on these very characteristics.  He, his staff and his government have been caught out countless times for lying and it is an ingrained characteristic of this Labour Government that they will only speak to their version of events, and their version of the truth.  This is of course never an accurate reflection of real life, of the real situation, of the real statistics or experiences of people.  In the conversation with Mrs Duffy today he was untruthful to her.  When she asked what he was going to do about the debt he replied he would cut in in half in four years.  The Labour policy as I have written about before is in fact not to cut debt in four years, but to cut the deficit in four years.  A liar to the very end. 

Gordon Brown thinks that if a person does not agree with him, or holds a different point of view that they are somehow evil, they are twisted.  They are certainly of a lower standing in his mind.  There is only one acceptable viewpoint and it is the one that he sets out.  When Gillian Duffy spoke of her pension, on immigration, on university places and did so in a tone that did not recognise that she finds him to be as great as he thinks himself to be, then he immediately dismissed her in his own head and to his inner-circle as "ridiculous" and as a "just a sort of bigoted woman".  Does he think anyone who simply mentions immigration and the virtue of handing away border control as a cost of EU membership to be bigotted?  If so, then according to Gordon Brown's litmus test I too am a bigot.  My friends and family are bigots.  Many of you are bigots.  Certainly all of UKIP and many Conservatives must then be bigots.  I am a bigot could be on a million t-shirts by the end of next week carrying the slogan, "Gordon Brown thinks I am a Bigot!"

Today, thanks to a Sky microphone and to the incompetence of Gordon's own staff in not turning off that mic as he got into the car; the truth was revealed about what has been widely speculated on how Gordon's mind functions.  The man has no mental capacity to accept anything other than his own point of view; he got into the car and in his own head HE was some kind of victim, and in thinking this threw a horrible and exceptionally inappropriate label at someone who may well have knocked on more doors on behalf of the Labour party in her lifetime than he himself ever has.  How dare someone speak to him like that!

Today, may well be the very day that the Labour Party finally was killed off as an electoral force in the UK.  The Liberals I think in the national psyche will now leapfrog Labour and will set themselves out as the party of the left after the election.  No longer being one of the big two will see their post election support waiver further with the Lib Dems, Greens and BNP the likely benefactors.

The Labour Party it must be remembered chose to move on their own leader when they removed Tony Blair, a man for all his faults had won three elections.  In removing him, they elevated via coronation rather than election the man they all saw as closer to their own ideology.  They did so with full conscience that the UK people would not be happy at having a Prime Minsiter who had not been elected by them directly - they did not care, they wanted Gordon and you and I were to have no say.  The man who knew he could never win an election, and never did became our leader.  He shafted us on an election on him, he denied us our promised vote on Lisbon, he mortgaged our childrens futures for the benefit of his mates in the city without a vote in Parliament.  Elections demand scrutiny that's one of many reasons why they safeguard people; Labour ignored all of us for the benefit of Gordon.  They themselves could have chucked him out, but chose instead to maximise their own salaries, pensions and expenses wand ran down the clock.  They must be made to pay the price for this now when we vote.

Gordon Browns career effectively ended today and there is only one person who can be blamed, and that is Gordon Brown. I wonder if this reality has caught up with him yet and he truly realises how significant his captured words are?

I always imagined the day the Labour Party died would be a joyous one, but instead I just feel sad for the poor pensioner from Rochdale who went out for a loaf of bread and came home branded by the Prime Minsiter of The United Kingdom to be a Bigot.  Come tomorrow, I suspect she will be glad she delayed posting that ballot paper.


paulo said...

Well put. A fine piece of writing. I hope your prophecies are right.


Future History of England said...


Ted said...


I don't like you, your blog or your views. In fact if people like you were running the country, I would be tempted to buy a gun. However.........

I work for The Labour Party and I will now be staying home on election day. That's Gordon Browns doing; not because of right wingers like you.

I am only commenting because you spared a thought for one of our own. I hear the local Labour Party are seething and that the plotters have been in touch. We made a mistake not dumping him sooner.

We will not be relegated to third; the red flag will be flying high and proud again.

It suits today the weak and base,
Whose minds are fixed on pelf and place
To cringe before the rich man's frown,
And haul the sacred emblem down.

Then raise the scarlet standard high.
Within its shade we'll live and die.

Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We'll keep the red flag flying here.

Daniel1979 said...

Red Ted

Your beloved Labour Party will almost certainly finish third in terms of popular vote and I hope too in terms of seats. The Communist/Socialist movement has blighted this world of ours and needs to now be crushed.

It is the extension of personal freedoms and democracy with the encouragement of free trade that will show through and untimately provide the world with a sound and peaceful means of existance. Socialism and Communism have failed, and will continue to fail at every time and in every place it is imposed.

You can keep your campfire songs and threats of violence - quite frankly they mean nothing to me.