Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Should Vote Conservative Because....

That's the question on "This Week", (now twice weekly).  It is a good question, and one that needs answering.

I say those 5 words out loud, and I can't finish the sentence.  Well I can, but not convincingly.

... Because the Conservative Party will give you a referendum on EU Membership.  No, can't use that.

... Because the Conservative Party will cut income tax so we can better provide for our families.  Nope, the two tax cuts I know of are for Inheritance and on NI for business contributions.

... Because the Conservative Party will cut fuel duty to help small businesses and families.  Nope, ditto duty on ciggies and booze.

... Because they will do away with the hated TV Licence and sell of the Left Wing BBC.  No, David Cameron long ago insisted he was a fan of the BBC.

... Because they will reduce the size of the government.  Not sure; they are talking about "Big Society" which sounds a lot like big government with a bit of out sourcing.

I will refer back to a previous post for the benefit of anyone who wants to know what I am looking for, and why I will not be voting for the three main parties.

This is not Tory bashing - I can't think of any reason to vote Lib Dem nor Labour.  But Lib Dem and Labour voters can probably finish their own sentences and that is part of the Tories problem.  Perhaps Conservative supporters can finish the sentence for themselves and help others to finish the sentence in a way that will make people want to vote for the Blues.

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