Friday, April 16, 2010

Debate Poll Results

The poll was open for just under an hour.

Q. Who Won Tonights Debate?

David Cameron - 71%
Nick Clegg - 29%
Gordon Brown - 0%

Total Responses - 18

Comments from the poll:

1. No-one they are all as bad as each other falling over themselves to tell us how they'll spend our cash without asking us whether we agree or not.

2. But God help us if that is the best of it. Cameron "won" it for me, but Clegg, allowed by Cameron to get away with some ridiculous assertions, will do so in the eyes of most people who now are not interested in politics. Tonight will not have helped

3. Cameron too careful.
Clegg was anti-tory.
Brown looked foolish.

My personal feeling was that Cameron just edged it; he was out in front for a bit then Brown turned on the Tory Cuts line and dragged Cameron into a bit of a slog which let Nick Clegg do well in the late questions. Brown came over pretty bad, but I have never been a fan. The big winner on the night was Clegg purely for getting the airtime and the big loser was Brown.

It was not as sterile as I had anticipated, and it might actually shift the polls - it definitely will if Brown is this bad in either or both of the future debates.


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