Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Holier Than Thou

The Lib Dems have had questionable donations to the party which have come under question in recent years, but tonight it seems that one halo has just hit the floor, hard, with Nick Clegg being uncovered as receiving donations from wealthy businessmen to his personal bank account for which he claims "it had subsidised his parliamentary work."

It's unclear what "parliamentary work" these funds contributed to, especially as his expenses were rather high and staff costs and just about everything else was covered.  As yet, despite questioning no satisfactory answer for the purpose of the money has been provided, nor for what it was actually spent on.

Erm, some of us call that taking a bribe Cleggie.

"New Politics" my arse!  The Lib Dems are as corrupt, or more so that the other factions of The Westminster Party.
The full story is on The Telegraph.

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