Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Second Debate - The Live Blog

After the fantastic success of our group live-blog for the budget a few weeks ago, a few of us have decided that the debates offer another great opportunity for some live-blogging.  And this time, I will be climbing into the moderators chair.

The Second Debate will be a collaboration between All Seeing Eye, Barking Spider, Biased-BBC, Corrugated Soundbite, Dick Puddlecote, Governmentitus (here), GrumpyOldTwat, Man WiddecombeSubrosa, and Tory Totty Online - all excellent and highly recommended blogs. If you haven't been to some of them before then please take this chance to try them out.

I hope many of you can join us for what promises to be a lot of fun.  Be here or at any of the blogs mentioned above Thursday night, the debate kicks off at 8pm, so we will probably be rolling at a few minutes to eight.


James Higham said...

What day is it on?

Daniel1979 said...

Thursday night James, I forgot to put that in at first but have just added. We will probably follow up with another one for the final debate and are going to look and see if we can do something for election night as well.

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