Tuesday, April 27, 2010

UKIP Back SNP Action

UKIP support SNP action

Statement from UKIP re Alex Salmond (SNP) legal action.

Leader of UKIP, Lord Pearson said:

"UKIP support the stance of the SNP on this issue.

"We came second in the last national test of public opinion - at the Euro elections last year.

"Therefore, we should have a place in the debates also.

"Many people say they are becoming increasingly disinterested in the three failed old parties, and are less inclined to vote than ever before.

"The refusal to allow parties like UKIP and the SNP a place on the platforms only acts to perpetuate this disinterest further, and add to the problem of low voter turn-out.

"The public have the right to be informed of the choices open to them, and as a public service broadcaster, the BBC is honour-bound to provide licence fee payers with that information.

"We call on the BBC to give UKIP a place in the debates."

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