Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bring Down The Elephant

I should just clarify, though the gentleman in the video says much of what I do here, it is not me. (I am not sure who he is)*.   I have just seen this over on Muffled Vociferation where Sue says it is already doing the rounds, so I thought I would do my bit and post it here also.

Perhaps we should have a whip-round and get this broadcast on the BBC and ITV as a party political broadcast for the movement against more of the same?

If you like this and agree, then please remember to look at the smaller parties and the Independents running in your area; and if you have a blog or a social network page, please help spread this video so as many voters as possible see it.

*Update: Lawson Narse got in touch to inform me it is Pat Condell; Thanks Lawson!

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James Higham said...

Condell's well known, Daniel.