Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who Can You Trust?

Who can you trust to work towards what you want in this General Election?

That is a tough question of course, but the way to find out is to get those people who want to represent you in Parliament to acknowledge and pledge that they will do what they say they will.  It is in this mindset and fed up of again being betrayed by our political class that James, Ian and David got together set up the Albion Alliance

It is because the Albion Alliance exists that I am able to publish the 95 names of the candidates that has had the courage and the conviction to make a simple pledge on this side of the election that if they are elected, they have all declared:

I pledge to work tirelessly to give the voters of my constituency a democratic and direct voice in the United Kingdom’s continued relationship with the EU.

I pledge that I will sponsor a Private Members Bill, written in clear concise terms, calling for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union – and/or support any motion for such a referendum – and to vote positively for any Bill that may call for such a referendum, irrespective of Party Whip, with a view to the successful outcome of this pledge within 1 year of a new Parliament or sooner.

As someone else who feels let down by our continued submersion into the EU leviathian the Albion Alliance has provided me with a mechanism by which look at the candidates running in my area and press my local candidates to get them to state unequivocally whether they feel the same way as I do, and if so to offer more than mere words.  Words alone that one day things will all come good have stranded the UK without the means of real self-determination.  It is time we got serious about what is at stake and how to correct it.

Thus far, just ninety-five candidates out of thousands have been willing and/or able to make this very simple pledge.  Thus these are the only ninety-five candidates that can really be trusted to work for a referendum.  I have included their contact info where I have it, as there is no such thing as an election candidate who could not use a bit more support, or a bit more cash.

Here they are:

Constituency                                   Candidate                                    Party

Aberconwy                                       Mike Wietska                            UKIP

Aylesbury                                         Chris Adams                              UKIP

Banbury                                           David Fairweather                      UKIP

Barnsley East                                  Mark Watson                              UKIP

Bermondsey &                                Loanna Morrison                      Conservative Party
Old Southwark

Bishop Auckland                            David Brothers                              UKIP

Bognor Regis &                            Douglas Denny                               UKIP

Boston & Skegness                      Christopher Pain                            UKIP

Bournemouth West                       Philip Glover                                 UKIP

Bradford West                               Jason Smith                                   UKIP

Braintree                                         Michael Ford                                 UKIP

Bristol West                                  Chris Lees                                      UKIP

Camborne & Redruth                   Derek Elliot                                    UKIP

Cambridge                                     Old Holborn                                  Independent

Cardiff Central                              Susan Davies                                 UKIP

Carmarthen East &                      John Atkinson                                UKIP

Chatham |& Aylesford                 Sean Varnham                               English Democrats

Chatham & Aylesford                  Steve Newton                                UKIP

Chelsea & Fulham                      Tim Gittos                                       UKIP

Chesham & Amersham             Alan Stevens                                    UKIP

Chippenham                             Michael Simpkins                            BNP

Christchurch                            David Williams                                 UKIP

Clwyd West                             Warwick Nicholson                          UKIP

Colchester                                John Pitts                                           UKIP

Colne Valley                            Nicola Turner                                    Liberal Democrats

Congleton                                Lee Slaughter                                    UKIP

Crawley                                   Chris French                                      UKIP

Croydon Central                     Ralph Atkinson                                 UKIP

Croydon South                     Jeffrey Bolter                                      UKIP

Devizes                                  Nic Coome                                         Libertarian Party UK

Doncaster North                 David Wilson                                      UKIP

Dover                                   Victor Matcham                                   UKIP

Dudley North                      Malcom Davis                                     UKIP

Ealing, Southall                   Ben Weald                                           English Democrats

East Devon                          Mike Amor                                           UKIP

East Lothian                        Jonathan Lloyd                                    UKIP

East Surrey                         Helena Windsor                                   UKIP

Epping Forest                      Andrew Smith                                       UKIP

Exeter                                   Keith Crawford                                     UKIP

Fareham                                Steve Richards                                      UKIP

Gateshead                             John Tennant                                       UKIP

Gillingham &                        Dean Lacey                                           English Democrats

Gillingham &                        Robert Oakley                                       UKIP

Glasgow Central                  Ramsey Ewan Urquhart                         UKIP 

Glasgow East                       Arthur Thackeray                                    UKIP

Hampstead & Kilburn         Magnus Nielsen                                      UKIP

Hastings & Rye                   Rod Bridger                                           English Democrats

Hastings & Rye                  Tony Smith                                              UKIP

Hornsey & Wood              Dr Rohen Kapur                                      Independent

Horsham                              Harry Aldridge                                      UKIP

Huntington                         Ian Curtis                                                UKIP

Isle of Wight                      Mike Tarrant                                          UKIP

Kenilworth &                    John Moore                                            UKIP

Kingston Upon                 Mike Hookem                                       UKIP
Hull East

Leeds North East               Warren Hendon                                   UKIP

Lincoln                                Nick Smith                                          UKIP

Liverpool, Walton             Joe Nugent                                           UKIP

Liverpool, Wavertree        Neil Miney                                           UKIP

Maidenhead                        Kenneth Wight                                      UKIP

Mid Bedfordshire              Bill Hall                                                 UKIP

Mid Sussex                         Marc Montgomery                               UKIP

Middlesbrough                  Stewart Lightwing                                 UKIP
South & East Cleveland

Monmouth                         Derek Rowe                                           UKIP

Newbury                             David Black                                           UKIP

Newton Abbott                Jackie Hooper                                         UKIP

North Antrim                      Jim Allister                                          Traditional Unionist

North Cornwall                  Ivor Masters                                         UKIP

North Dorset                     Jeremy Nieboer                                    UKIP

North Swindon                  Steven Halden                                        UKIP

North West                        Robert Brown                                       UKIP

North Wiltshire                 Charles Bennett                                   UKIP

Oxford West &                 Paul Williams                                        UKIP

Rochester & Strood         Ron Sands                                            English Democrats

Rochford &                       James Moyies                                      UKIP
Southend East

Sevenoakes                      Alan Bullion                                          Liberal Democrats

Slough                               Diana Coad                                           Conservative Party

Somerton & Frome          Barry Harding                                       UKIP

South East Cornwall        Stephanie McWilliam                         UKIP

St Austell & Newquay     Clive Medway                                     UKIP

St Austell & Newquay    Stephen Gilbert                                    Liberal Democrat

St Ives                                Mick Faulkner                                     UKIP

Sutton & Cheam              Martin Cullip                                        Libertarian Party UK

Tiverton & Honiton        Daryl Stanbury                                     UKIP

Tonbridge & Malling      David Waller                                        UKIP

Truro & Falmouth            Harry Blakeley                                    UKIP

Uxbridge & South            Mark Wadsworth                               UKIP

Weaver Vale                      Paul Remfry                                         UKIP

Wentworth & Dearne       John Wilkinson                                 UKIP

West Suffolk                     Ian Smith                                              UKIP

West Worcestershire      Caroline Bovey                                   UKIP

Westmorland &               John Mander                                        UKIP

Wirral West                     David Kirwan                                      Independent

Witney                             Nikolai Tolstoy                                    UKIP

Witney                            Paul Wesson                                        Independent

Wythenshawe &           Christopher Cassidy                             UKIP
Sale East

It is NOT too late to pledge, it is not too late to contact your local candidates to ask them to pledge. 

It WILL be too late to do anything about our EU Membership when the final controls are soon ceded to Brussels - Do something about it today!


Witterings From Witney said...

Thanks Daniel, have tweeted this.

IanPJ said...


Thank you very much for publishing this list.

You are quite right, it is not too late for a candidate to pledge, and to make it simple they can do this online here

Alternatively voters can present their candidates with the pledge form to sign (and return to The Albion Alliance)

Democracy should not be sidelined for party interests.