Friday, April 09, 2010

Lord Pearson Interview

The BBC are saying that Lord Pearson has recorded an interview to be shown over the weekend for BBC's Hardtalk programme with Brillo, and have revealled that UKIP will not be standing against Conservatives Philip Davies, Doug Carswell & Phillip Hollobone and "at least" one unnammed Labour MP who are all well know EU Sceptic MP's.

Lord Pearson is also quoted as saying that if David Cameron wins a working majority at the election it "is certainly the end of this country".

I will have to do my best to catch this interview as this is the stuff I have been writing about for some time now. 

Congratulations to UKIP for putting country before party by not running against MP's of similar conviction who wish to see the people of the UK be granted a referendum on EU membership.

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