Monday, April 19, 2010

Top Job

Anna Raccoon has had a busy day, again.  This time the blogger with the claws has torn some flesh from a pretty shoddy sounding local rag. 

Additional to the entertaining read there was a lesson I had not been aware of.  In researching the law behind reporting during a General Election Anna reveals that the print media are under no obligation to employ balanced reporting when describing Parliamentary candidates, it is the broadcast media which must take these steps.

Good job Anna!  I'm more of a read then rant blogger so you have gone to much more effort than I would have gone to, but I am glad there are many people like Anna on the Blogosphere who are willing to put in a shift on these things.

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The Boiling Frog said...

That's interesting, because my local paper is using the excuse - now we're in the 'short campaign' - that it can no longer print party propaganda / letters as it would have to print something about all the other parties as well in order to maintain balance.

That said however it has been mostly fair to UKIP letters and policies.