Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bin Collections

The Telegraph today reports that bin collections are set to move to a fortnightly service across the country.  I am someone who is already subject to fortnightly collection and I hate it.  In the summer the smell is terrible and despite being a wheelie bin with a lid it still attracts insects and rodents; in the heat it is not uncommon to have maggots crawling all over the top.  There is no way to dress it up; when waste is allowed to fester for upto two weeks it is a health hazard. 

Recently, over the Christmas period I checked my local councils website to see when to put my bin, and my neighbour bin around by the road for collection.  Unfortunately for me, the collection team were working to their own rota and came a day early.  When my bin was not emptied on the allocated day I queried why and could not get a straight answer, but it was a whole additional week before a wagon was able to come and collect. 

Of course, nobody actually wants fortnightly collections, and nobody has voted either locally or nationally for fortnightly collections, so why is this being forced upon us?  It is not a party political issue, for a time The Conservatives were outspoken about this issue, but that was some time ago, and my council is Tory and that has done me no good. 

The reason is that it is an issue not decided by the council or by Westminster; it is as is shamefully so often the case an EU regulation passed down by our real Government in Brussels.  The fact that the Telegraph chooses not to acknowledge this in the article is testament to the hidden hand of power and the shock our establishment is still in... They still refuse to concede that we are living in an undemocratic state.

Voter turnout has in recent years fallen and fallen and may well fall again at the next General Election, despite the stakes being so high.  It is a direct result of our membership of the EU and that people instinctively know how little their votes actually affect how we live our lives.  Decisions are made in committee with the lobbyists and technocrats, submitted as law by the EU Commission, and then either rubber stamped by the EU Parliament or our own hollowed out Parliament.

Want the bins collected weekly?  Want them picked up even more frequently than that? The only way, the only way at all to make that happen is to return sovereign control of our law making to Westminster.  The best way to ensure this is to get our politicians and potential MPs to declare that they are prepared to put country before party before the General Election and take the Albion Alliance Pledge declaring they will work for a referendum on the UK's continued EU Membership.  Get them to pledge now so that they cannot back down on their word this time, and give us a referendum that we want and which our country sorely needs.


Witterings From Witney said...

Thanks for the Albion Alliance mention!

May I, through your comments, plead with all your readers to contact their local candidates and put this question of country before party and a referendum to them.

The Albion Alliance would welcome copies of all correspondence - personal details will not be disclosed - for inclusion on their candidate database.

Daniel1979 said...

Witterings, you can feel free to add anything you like in the comments of my posts.

If anyone is going to write by email, then please add media [at] albionalliance dot org dot uk to the cc or bcc bar then the Alliance will record your correspondence.

The Boiling Frog said...

Well said Daniel, good call. As you indicate it's so frustrating that this is on the front page of the Telegraph this morning without any hint that this is the result of the EU.

One has to wonder which side of the fence the Telegraph is on, as there appears to be a deliberate attempt to ignore the EU in reporting domestic matters it's clearly not ours.