Thursday, February 18, 2010

Voter Confidence

Gosh, we are lucky aren't we!....  I have lifted these numbers from UK Polling Report after they did all of the work and analysed last night's You Gov Poll commissioned by the Sun.

Asked which party the statement "The kind of society it wants is broadly the kind of society I want"
Conservative 33%
Labour 29%

On Being "Led by people with real ability"
Conservatives 24%
Labour 18%

On "Prepared to take the tough and unpopular decisions"
Conservatives 27%
Labour 21%

Finally on the negative statement "It seems to chop and change all of the time, you can never be sure what it stands for"
Conservative 23%
Labour 25%

There are some more results at the other end of the link to UK Polling Report on the MP expenses scandal and on MP confidence in general.  I guess in part, poll numbers can be quite low as we are a multi-party country so outlook and allegiance is spread wider than the two main parties.  The Tories are ahead, but it's hardly Champagne time that only 24% think they are led by people with real ability or that they are considered less wishy-washy by 2% fewer people. 

A pox on all their houses indeed.  After the General Election with a new House of MPs there need to be some serious efforts to open up the system and begin to regain public trust.  I think just opening the system up so that all public expenditure can be checked by the public would bring about a big chunk of good will, even if that means more wrong-doing is exposed.  It is the system that does not work, and if people have faith that their money is not being wasted and that it can be checked up on there can be a way forward.  More of the same and public confidence will pass the point of no return.

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Tarquin said...

Not even a majority between them in most polls...

Bear in mind even if they hate the current party situation they will still vote - my step-dad hates Cameron and his bunch, but he'll still vote tory...beggars belief this system