Monday, February 08, 2010


I don't like to repeat myself too often, but this time I am going to.

Can someone please explain to me how Gordon Brown can claim to be leading the way with the expenses saga with Labour MPs when HIS CHIEF WHIP IS A REBEL!  How can any Labour MP be cajoled into going along with Sir Thomas Legg's recommendations when the very man he needs to go and make this happen has not paid back his own infringements! 

If Brown is unaware, it is proof that he is completely out of touch; if he is aware, it proves he is a hypocrite.  If he knows and can do nothing, it proves how weak he really is.

Hardly leading the way is he?

Add to this the revelations that Labour's three MPs heading for the dock are being represented by Labour Party Solicitors - Yet more proof, where none was needed that Brown is completely out of touch with the public, has no control over his own party and is happy to take one line in public, and follow a different line when he thinks no one is looking.

Brown tried to prevent the release of MPs expenses, then he tried to redact them, then he has cynically used the public furore as reasoning to see out the full length of this Parliament, and then has failed, completely to reform the MPs expenses system, or to improve trust from the public.

Bring on the election!


Ross said...

I don't think they really understand the outrage at their behaviour. They know that the public is outraged and they need to appear contrite in public, but they don't really think that this is fair on them.

Daniel1979 said...

I agree Ross, it's like shouting repeatedly at a brick wall.

Tarquin said...

thirded - It's been like this for years, Brown keeps saying 'he's leading the way' on things (eg. reform...after thirteen years of nothing) - basically he lies, I scream at the tv, he gets away with it

Frankly this current expenses issue is ridiculous - Brown and Cameron are both using it as a tool when they are both guilty, maintaining the wall of silence would be at least sensible