Thursday, February 04, 2010

Debt Mountain Ain't A Ride At Euro Disney

Here are the current personal debt stats for the UK.
  • Total personal debts stand at £1.46trillion.  This includes Mortgages, Credit Cards and Personal Loans.
  • The number of people seeking help from Debt agencies has risen 30% in the past year.
  • According to the National Audit Office some [at least two] debt advice agencies are turning people away as their waiting lists are too long to be able to assist.
  • The £1.46trillion is equal to £56,000 per household.  This is 60% above the average pre-tax income.
  • "Debt Experts" say that there will be 150,000 new bankruptcies this year, up 15% on last year.
  • The Consumer Credit Counselling Service said its typical client has £24,300 of debt across 11 different creditors, painting a grim reality of modern life.
  • The Government has committed to spend £142million in providing debt management services, mainly this is for free face to face counselling. 


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Anonymous said...

I read on that around 24% of consumers are still paying off credit cards from the last Xmas, often compounding debt year on year, Xmas upon Xmas! This makes you think about what to prioritise in the new year!