Monday, February 22, 2010

Does David Cameron Need A New General Election Coordinator?

The Conservatives are stuttering and those of us watching from the sidelines can see they are flying blind and without a wider strategy in place.  This is effecting the polls, I have taken the below PoliticsHome graph from the All Seeing Eye which shows the narrowing.  If there is a strategy or a wider message it is getting lost.  We are not yet into the real midst of things; The Conservatives should be miles out in front.  All of the reversals on policies, and contridactory messages make the Conservatives seem unorganised and amateurish. 

The current General Election Coordinator is George Osborne, who is also as we all know Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.  But with the economy the way it is, and the importance of getting the economic record right for this election I am wondering if David Cameron should not reconsider this and appoint someone else to take over the General Election Organisation freeing up George Osborne to get across the message of just how bad the economic situation is.

If Cameron were to heed this advice he would need to act exceptionally quickly as the election could be as soon as five weeks away, and with the latest it could be in June it is going to require someone to get up to speed very quickly.  This also means it will likely need to be a promotion from within the Shadow Cabinet, rather than a new appointment.  

It would also be a move that will come under attack from the opposition parties, but no matter when such a change would have occurred this would have been the case.  Better to highlight that George Osborne's workload plotting to repair the economy Labour destroyed has him busy enough.  A change now can still be sold as a decisive decision from Cameron and should the Conservatives win the election and it will be viewed as a masterstroke (providing the job is not handed to Ken Clarke!)

To me the real reason behind the slide is the abandonment of what I would consider core Tory principles and of the supporters who believe in those principles.  But this campaign sloppiness is not helping.  Cameron's limpness on the EU and the manner in which he changed his position on Lisbon has damaged his standing.  But, I still think people would rather have Labour out, and would be happier to take their grievances to Cameron rather than Brown who is as responsive as a brick wall.  Which brings me to my final point, would the Conservative core like to see a change in message and in the coordinator? I think so, though they may share my concerns about the perception on a switch. 

The main stream media has not turned on Labour and Brown completely, and some traditional Conservative Newspapers are only lukewarm when presenting the Conservatives.  Time after time I see the TV news apologising or rationalising Labour.  This just should not be the case, what is left of the print media should be fired up and abrassive.  The only reason they are not is because the Conservative have not stoked the fire enough. Yet.

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Barking Spider said...

Steve Hilton is just another wet liberal who is working for the wrong party, Dan, the problem is, Cameron doesn't see it.