Tuesday, February 09, 2010


The momentum to the General Election is beginning to build, and the public debate is about to ramp up.  My blogging reach is limited, but I want to open up my blog to others and if I and this platform can help fight the good fight then I want it to happen.

So, I just want to declare that if other bloggers have posts that they want cross-posted then send them onto me and between now and the General Election I will be happy to do so.  Furthermore, and I am not sure if there is or not, but if there are any current bloggers, or former bloggers itching to have a say once again, who want to post directly here, I am open to the idea of adding some contributors - be it frequent, ocassional or very occassional.  It certainly works well elsewhere.

I want Labour out of Government, and I want to get the UK out of the EU, and so long as this blog remains focused on achieving those ends I think some extra posts from different points of view (or furthering my general point of view) would be positive.  Though please note, this is not a sweary blog, I guess that would be about the only condition.

Send me posts, or url, or html in .doc to daniel1979blog@gmail.com

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James Higham said...

We were kind of hoping you'd keep up the good fight here. We need everyone of talent we can.