Monday, February 08, 2010

Constitutional Reform

Constitutional reform we need:

  • A referendum on EU membership
  • The wide spread introduction of Caucuses and Open Primaries so that constituents can vote for the Person and the Party of their choice
  • The introduction of the Right to Recall MPs
  • An immediate review of the electoral boundaries and sizes so that constituency sizes are made more equal.
  • An elected Second Chamber
  • A reduction in the power of the whips
  • A transparent, workable expenses system
  • An answer to the West Lothian question
  • A Minister answerable to the House of Commons for every single department and QUANGO

Constitutional reform that would be useful / welcomed:
  • Fewer MP’s
  • Parliamentary terms lowered to a maximum of four years
  • Annual referendums to consult directly on certain issues
  • The ability to petition Parliament when a public petition canvases sufficient signatures

All of the above would help towards securing a return of Parliamentary supremacy.

What we don’t need.
  • A vote on changing the voting system just as Labour are about to head into oblivion

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