Monday, February 08, 2010

Reform Referendum

Gordon Browns attempts to usurp the First Past The Post System will hit the House of Commons tomorrow; I have already had my say about that.

What I hope is mentioned, frequently during the proposed debate is to remind the Labour and Liberal Democratic Parties that they have already reneged on their Manifesto Referendum Pledge's once in this Parliament, so it is a bit rich of them to be proposing a different referendum now.

Then, it would be worth reminding the House, and the Liberal Democrats in particular that upon their rejection of the referendum on Lisbon, they cried to all and sundry that what we should have is a referendum on our overall membership of the EU.

Well, lo and behold we have just such a Bill coming before the House this month. Perhaps Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats might like to repeat that pledge and declare their support for Douglas Carswells Bill now, and we can hold a referendum on leaving the EU on the same day we vote to keep First Past The Post.  My guess is that yet again the Liberal Democrats are about to be shown up for being the opportunistic political waste of spaces that they are.

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