Saturday, February 27, 2010

Conservative Conference

I shall be enjoying a distinctly non-political weekend and celebrating the impending birthday of my Father.  Less than two years ago he had a heart attack and though he recovered and has returned to a normal life the whole thing forced me to re-evaluate my relationship with him.  So, I will by choice probably miss all of the conference, TEA Party and all subsequent commentary.  You do not need to however, and can watch the conference as it happens on the below player (should you so wish).

Watch live streaming video from conservatives at

I will be back blogging either tomorrow night or Monday, feel free to leave any links in the comments of any posts or articles of interest.  I have my suspicions of where things will be politically come Monday, but it is these events that can encourage big swings, either positive or negative so should at the very least provoke some online comments.

Have a nice weekend!


subrosa said...

Enjoy your weekend Dan. Not much will have changed by Monday, if anything, other than the wording.

Daniel1979 said...

Thank you Subrosa, I did have a lovely weekend. Back to work now, and lots of reading to catch up with later today.